Portneuf Health Partners

August 29th, 2018

For over 20 years, Julie Malloy dealt with carpal tunnel pain so severe that it would keep her awake 2-3 hours each night. She was no longer able to ride her bike for lengthy periods of time or enjoy the simple tasks of gardening. Daily living was a struggle and her quality and enjoyment of life was deeply impacted because the pain was so intense.

Malloy, like many others who suffer from chronic carpal tunnel disease, hesitated to schedule surgery because she feared the invasiveness of the procedure and was worried about the recovery time. As she was dealing with her own pain, one of her friends underwent micro-invasive carpal tunnel surgery. Malloy watched her friend recover in just over a week. The recovery time lead Malloy to seek more information about the procedure.

Her friend had driven from Idaho Falls to have the surgery in Pocatello, and Malloy opted to do the same after scheduling a consult with Anthony Joseph, MD. Dr. Joseph performs micro-invasive CTR (carpal tunnel release) surgery at Portneuf Medical Center.

A limited number of doctors and hospital in our region offer micro-invasive CTR surgery. Portneuf is proud to have Dr. Anthony Joseph offering this service in Pocatello.  Rather than traditional CTR surgery, the micro-invasive approach uses ultrasound technology, which offers a much higher level of safety and comfort, provides pain relief which is five times faster, helps patients return to work five times faster, and yields much higher patient satisfaction results.

Dr. Anthony Joseph has already performed 45 micro-invasive CTR surgeries this summer.  His patient satisfaction for all 45 surgeries is 4.66 out of 5.  Additionally, he said that most patients’ pain scores have dropped 40% during the first 3 months.

“The staff at Portneuf Medical Center was very helpful, and Dr. Joseph is so patient and thorough,” said Malloy. “I’m grateful he helped me.  Now I can sleep at night, and even enjoy mountain biking again.”

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